Over the past two decades, Abu Dhabi's educational system has made enormous strides. It can be challenging to determine where to begin when looking for a school that is ideal for your child because there are so many that provide top-notch instruction, first-rate facilities, and a diverse curriculum. Nevertheless, it doesn't necessarily have to be a frightening encounter with a little preparation and background knowledge. You'll find it easier to navigate the process and ultimately choose the school that is the best fit for your child if you keep a few tips in mind while looking at schools.

  1. Location

It is important to consider the proximity of the school, as this will determine how convenient it is for you and your child. Choosing a reputable school in your area is crucial since it will save your child from having to commute for long periods of time. The presence of a school nearby makes the child feel more at ease. Some schools even provide transportation services for the kids. Looking at neighboring schools is practical in this situation for both the parents and the kids.

  1. Curriculum

Most schools in Abu Dhabi offer either an international curriculum or a UAE curriculum, so make sure that you are familiar with the differences between them and select the one that best suits your child's academic needs. It might be difficult to determine the curriculum that will be most beneficial for your child, given the wide range of possibilities available in Abu Dhabi schools.

Some of the most widely used curricula are CBSE, ICSE, UK curriculum, IB British curriculum, American curriculum, Montessori, etc. At this point, selecting the curriculum for their children's education requires parents to speak with them and learn about their interests. No one curriculum is absolutely the finest or is preferred above others, but the choice is quite important for kids.

  1. Quality of teaching

The quality of instruction is a factor that parents frequently overlook. A school can improve its teaching techniques if its faculty is qualified. The teaching and non-teaching faculty uphold a school's educational standards. It's crucial to ensure that the instructor gives you access to your child's reports. Make sure that the teachers are able to contact you and provide you with information about your child's development regularly. If teachers from a certain school are capable of doing that, another box will be checked.

  1. Extra-curricular activities

The complete growth of a child is equally vital to the facilities and instructional quality. It is essential to provide children with chances that allow them to grow in changing situations. In order to ensure a child's development outside of the classroom, extra-curricular and cultural activities are a crucial part of a school's curriculum. Your child's education should promote critical thinking, good sportsmanship, the growth of self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as assist the child in becoming a citizen of the twenty-first century.

  1. Facilities

Make sure you research the quality of facilities offered by different schools, as this can have a significant impact on your child's learning experience. Modern amenities must be offered by a school. There is no doubt that the best schools in Abu Dhabi offer some of the greatest facilities for its pupils, but it is important to make sure that the school's facilities are sizable enough to accommodate competitions, sporting events, and cultural events. The school should also feature well-equipped chemistry, physics, and math labs, as well as athletic fields, auditoriums, and other spaces for cultural events. This only makes sure that your child receives all the services required for learning and development.

  1. Cost

Different schools in Abu Dhabi vary greatly in terms of tuition fees, so research the cost and payment options available before making a decision. There is no point in learning more about a school if the cost is beyond your means. Parents can select the ideal school from a wide range of possibilities thanks to the diverse range of prices that schools in Abu Dhabi charge. In addition to a school's tuition fees, one's budget should account for the cost of transportation, extra-curricular activities, etc.

  1. Rankings

Examining each school's rating, which is based on the biennial inspection procedure carried out on behalf of the Abu Dhabi Schools' Regulator, ADEK - the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge - is one of the most noteworthy things to do before choosing a school. Six fundamental performance standards are used to evaluate schools, and this process is progressively being adopted throughout the UAE. Every school's rankings are easily accessible online. It provides parents with a comprehensive picture of the type of education that the school they want offers.


Once you have completed your research and gathered the necessary information, pick the school that you and your child feel most comfortable with him attending. The data may justify in some circumstances, but in others, you may feel good about the staff or other characteristics. Consider your selections carefully and pick the school that feels right to you both because the school you select will have an impact on your child's academic career.